How to help someone who's hurting

Feeling sad or depressed every now and then is normal. However, if this lasts for a couple weeks or even longer, it can be a sign of depression.

Depression can hit everyone in different ways; it can develop extremely slowly in some people. In some cases, the person suffering won't actually realise that they're not being themselves and that they're acting out of character for that warm, bubbly person that they used to be.

This is where family members, friends or even colleagues can come in and help that person who is evidently hurting. 

It's not easy as a human being to accept that you're not yourself. This means that it is so important to understand how best to approach the person who you've realised is struggling.

Here's some important tips to helping that person:

  • Be gentle when letting them know you're aware they've not been themselves
  • Accept that you can't decide how they deal with this, but you can only advise and be as nice as possible in doing so
  • Gently remind them that in order to come through this, they need to help themselves through fighting back (check this blog article for advise on this)
  • Do some research and look into what options are available in terms of professional help
  • Be patient with them in their recovery. It's not an easy road for them - stick by them
  • Take care of yourself and don't put too much pressure on yourself in your friends recovery. It isn't your fault either

If you become seriously worried about the person then it may be necessary for you to contact NHS at 111. 

Our partners at CALM are also there to support people in this exact situation. Visit their guide to supporting that person who is suffering by clicking here.



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