Talk Clothing - January Check In

talk clothing

This year at Talk, we want to be as transparent as possible with our ever-growing community of likeminded individuals. 

We want to share with you everything that happens here at Talk, from despatch to fundraising, our plans to our new releases. 

So, this is pretty much an update on how we are getting on during these unprecedented times, how we plan to continue to move forward and even how you can help us along the way!

It's been a difficult start to the year for all of us, finding ourselves in lockdown for a third time is inevitably very challenging. Being a small business, it has certainly restricted us and to some extent, hurt our plans which we had in place for the beginning of this year.

Towards the end of last year, we launched our first ever winter collection and we couldn't have been happier without our wonderful customers reacted to it. 

Since we started trading in May 2020, we have raised just over £2,000 for CALM, which has well exceeded the amount we thought we would raise in our first few months of existence. This has really brought us endless belief that we can make a huge difference, and with your help, we can create a world full of happiness, good health and positivity. 

This year, we plan to do more of the same and improve on everything as well. We've just recently announced our #Talk3KChallenge in order to raise money for CALM but also to allow people to take a break from the stresses of society for just a moment. 

Moving towards February, we are working hard behind the scenes to continue to grow our community, to release new garments and ultimately to raise awareness for mental health.

We're so proud of how far we've come, and to say we couldn't have done it without you truly is an understatement.


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