What's been occurring at Talk Clothing?


It's been a pretty hectic six weeks, and we actually missed out on our March catch up, so I thought I would let you all know exactly what we have been up to over the past month or so.

We very recently took on our first ever office space in which we have now somewhat moved into, despite it not being entirely finished yet.

Based in the heart of Mid Devon, we took on what was very much a project to convert the office from it's original state into what it is now (we'll be sharing this with you very soon!)

So, it's absolutely amazing to be writing this post from my first ever office - something which genuinely would not have happened without the support of all of you.

Just last week, we released our new range of clothing - Let's Talk. Designed with simplicity, yet created with true purpose to inspire everyone. 

You can check out the Let's Talk range by clicking here.

It's truly overwhelming to look back at where we were even just three months ago before Danny and Jovi joined the company - and to see how far we have come. I almost feel like a broken record player, but it truly is down to the remarkable support that you have all given us and continue to give us. 

That leads me on nicely to our wonderful Facebook group - Let's Talk Mental Health - which is full of some of the most inspirational people I've ever met in my life; coming from a variety of different backgrounds, it's fantastic to see everyone connecting and talking about a variety of different things. 

Feel free to join the group, by clicking here and sending a request.

Just on a final note from me, we do have some really exciting news coming soon in the form of a limited edition Mental Health Awareness Week Tee - something which we will do every year to mark that weeks attention to all things mental health. Keep an eye out for this!

It's always an absolute pleasure to take time out to write a blog article for you all, and should anyone ever want a chat - feel free to message me on any of our socials, or even by email.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Will - Talk Clothing

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