Why is dealing with depression so difficult?


Depression drains you. It wipes away your hope, your energy and your drive - making it so difficult to fight back and feel better.

Once you find yourself depressed, or in a negative mindset, it becomes very hard to turn things around. Sometimes just simply thinking about the things that you could, or maybe should do to feel better, can seem nothing short of impossible.

But like anything, there is always steps that you can take in order to improve the situation. The things that help the most, are more often than not, the most difficult things to do. Having said that though, nothing is impossible, and whilst it may seem too much for you, you are and always will be capable of helping yourself.

Whilst recovering not a fast process nor an easy one, you do have more power in the situation that you probably realise. The key behind the process of recovery is to start small, lay the first steps and build from there. You may feel like you don't have enough energy within you, but by pushing yourself to take that walk to the shop, you can start to fight back against depression, as an example. 

It's no secret that taking the first step is absolutely the hardest step in the process. But by picking up that phone to call a loved one, by walking around the block or even by sitting in the sun for an hour in the morning, you can begin to start to find yourself once again. 

By making these small steps, you'll soon feel stronger, healthier and more energetic; so much so, you will finally be in a better position to fight back against depression.


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